Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

During these unprecedented times, it became crucial to generate opportunities for our artisans and with it, bring new crafts to the table.

In our latest collection, our Founder Ms. Neetu Singh has picked the most popular handloom craft of India, Chanderi. She personally prefers wearing authentic and pure cotton chanderi over other fabrics and our festive collection is an extension of her wardrobe. Chanderi is known for its sheer texture, its light weight and luxurious drape. We’ve explored various handcrafted techniques in this collection with focus on detail.

'Ikat' inspired motifs are embroidered in gold and silver colors on the sheer texture of pure cotton chanderi. Our Creative imaginations did not settle here and the addition of ornamented glass beading on necklines and sleeves, Drawstring detail with golden tassel made it all the more special.

We hope you explore the collection, attention to detail, the labour and love we’ve put into this new Sini sustainable range for your intimate celebrations.

Royal Blue Chanderi Shirt with Silk Embroidery

Antique White Chanderi Angrakha Set

Yellow Tribal Print Button Up Maxi Dress